Understanding the PMO for Executives Workshops

Understanding the PMO for Executives Workshops

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Organisational alignment is critical to both the success of any business and its ability to remain competitive. Too many organisations create PMOs, provide no strategic executive backing for the function, and expect the PMO to succeed. We believe that accountability of the function goes back to the executives who need to empower people in the organisation to make the change possible.

We help executives take the time to understand the role of governance and how the PMO is being used to drive the change and how it's affecting positively and negatively on the Projects within your organisation. We will help demonstrate what you can do to streamline and significantly improve the ROI on your PMO investment.

Objective: Specifically designed to help executives to understand the role of the PMO, how the PMO impacts Projects success and failure and how to establish key frameworks to instigate efficiency and effective PMOs 

AMO Workshop Outcomes:

  • Project vs PMO Evolution 
  • History of the PMO
  • Understanding the importance of governance in Project Management
  • Establishing frameworks that will create repeatability not rework
  • How to best support your PMOs so they can support your Projects better
  • Positioning the PMO to ensure it delivers value
  • Delivered by Project Management Experts with experience across all aspects of Project Management 

Audience: Designed for executives and Project leaders who are engaging the services of a PMO / Project Support function or have these within their organisations and looking to ensure maximum ROI