Project Management for Non Project Managers Workshop

Project Management for Non Project Managers Workshop

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Often the best of Project Managers can assume that everyone understands what they are talking about and what different Project terminology means. Despite having the best Project Managers, often those they will interact with, your stakeholders, your sponsors, your steering committee members will often be unaware of the fundamentals of Project Management.

Without having a common language and understanding of Project Management, you still need to meet your strategic objectives, let alone your Project scope!

Taking our workshop, we will provide you with a foundation to expand your skills, knowledge, and interest in Project Management.

Objective: Specifically designed to help Non-Project Managers a foundational level of Project Management knowledge that will give them context and clarity so you too can speak ‘Project Management’.

AMO Workshop Outcomes:

  • Develop essential Project Management knowledge and skills that will assist your conversations with Project Managers
  • Understand the different delivery styles that exist and how they may be applied
  • Learn more about the roles and responsibilities in traditional and agile methodologies
  • Understand the fundamental stages of a project and its key components
  • Exclusive access to templates, tools, coaching videos, tips, checklists for ongoing support
  • Delivered by Project Management Experts with experience across all aspects of Project Management 

Audience: Designed for anyone who contributes to a project team. The workshop is especially valuable for team members who have had some interest in Project Management but not sure where to start.