Introduction to Governance Workshop

Introduction to Governance Workshop

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Individuals within organisations (or working alone but possessing some decision-making power that affects others) would probably find that traditional management tools are not well suited to comply with the increasing number of regulations, standards and organisational aspirations that pervade today’s business environments. 

Meeting these complex operating conditions requires skills that go beyond good managing and leadership and include an understanding of the current global and local drivers of governance as well as the capacity to negotiate, communicate and interpret information from a variety of stakeholders. 

This workshop will help you identify the most important principles of governance and assist you in preparing a working governance framework for your organisation. 

Objective: Specifically designed to assist board members, executives and Project Managers gain a basic understanding of governance principles as they apply to current operating conditions

AMO Workshop Outcomes:

  • Understand different principles of governance 
  • Recognise Macro vs Micro governance
  • Know when to use Hard vs Soft governance methods
  • Learn how global governance impacts individual employees and vice-versa
  • Avoid the risks of ineffective governance
  • Prepare suitable governance frameworks that work for your organisation

Audience: Designed for anyone wishing to understand the basics of governance.