Making a Difference | AMO Partner with JUST ONE Tree

In June 2020 we interviewed Amanda Bronkhorst, founder of JUST ONE Tree. After 20 years as a freelance producer, working with some of the world’s biggest brands, and what was intended to be a temporary hiatus from work to start a family, Bronkhorst made an unexpected career change. Media reporting on the climate emergency, and fueled by the belief that JUST ONE individual can make a difference (and especially when individuals come together), Bronkhorst was inspired to take positive action.

Thus, JUST ONE Tree (JOT) was born! JOT’s mission is to combat climate change by raising awareness and funds for reforestation projects around the world. JOT is focusing initially on poverty-stricken areas to simultaneously tackle our climate crisis whilst improving livelihoods for struggling communities but hopes to expand to planting trees in more local territories in the future. The not-for-profit runs on the simple premise that individuals and organisations alike can band together to remove CO2 waste from our beautiful planet. How we, as individuals and organisations, do that is simple – we donate £1 to plant 1 tree, and with that, it encourages large-scale minimal participation and simplifies the process for everyone to get involved.

Agile Management Office are pleased to announce that, following the interview with Amanda, our CEO was so inspired by this initiative that we have decided to become a JOT partner. Our partnership guarantees a minimum number of trees donated per month, with additional trees donated for every product / service sold and every candidate placed. We are confident our small contribution will have a big impact to the environment, and this is why we have chosen to partner with JOT.

If you would like to know more about JUST ONE Tree, and or watch the interview with Amanda Bronkhorst, you can follow one of the below links:

If you think you could benefit from our services, and knowing that you’ll be contributing to the environment by doing so, please reach out via our Contact Page.